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The Puronics® Terminator whole-house water conditioner incorporates the most technologically advanced equipment available today. A system so sophisticated, it does the thinking about the quality of your water all day and all night so you don’t have to. The digital control valve calculates the amount of water being treated. The Terminator also gives you control of your water with three regeneration options to maximize the water quality in your home. Backed by nearly 70 years of technology, performance and reliability, the Terminator will filter, and soften your water for years to come! 


Once again, Puronics® has advanced the technology of water treatment with the development of the new Clarius™ whole-house system. Through the implementation of Green technology, Clarius™ provides high-quality water in a cost-effective manner – without the use of salt, potassium or chemicals. You will enjoy the benefits, save money and know you are doing your part to protect the environment. Puronics® combines the advanced technology of its SilverShield® HYgene® (incorporating NASA Technology) with their new Green technology to lead the industry in improving the health of your family and the Earth.


The Puronics® Defender™ iGen® whole-house water conditioner provides budget-minded families with the most technologically advanced equipment available today. The sophisticated digital control valve monitors your water usage so you don’t have to. It will alert you when it is time to change the filter media, ensuring you always have the highest quality water at the lowest cost. Your family will enjoy the benefits of our advanced SilverShield® Protection conditioned water in a durable, cost-effective package for years to come.

How Puronics Products Work?

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