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Florida Ranks 2nd in the Nation for the worst drinking water!

Florida's impure drinking water.

Let's talk about the drinking water in the state of Florida! Florida's a great place to visit but don't drink the water! Unfortunately, if you live here you might ask yourself how could I not drink the water? What am I suppose to do?

First, let's talk about the facts and what we know. A study was recently released stating that Florida is 2nd in the Nation for the worst drinking water which means, they have the most reported violations related to their water supply. Water treatment plants are trying to correct the water by using dangerous chemicals that can be harmful to our health. For example, Pinellas County uses a system called "Chlorine Conversion". This system is used twice a year and it's purpose is to kill any type of "bacteria" that can be growing in the water. This results in water treatment plants loading chlorine into the water supply to kill bacteria thus creating an even BIGGER concern! Studies have show that exposure to chemical disinfectants can lead to heath concerns such as cancer, and a potential impact reproductive systems that can lead to miscarriages and birth defects. Your family deserves quality water! We need to be aware of what is being put into the water coming into our home because we are not only drinking, it we are bathing in it, cooking with it, and using it for many other tasks.

Puronics water softener systems.

Secondly, now that you know some of the dangers of drinking water and how your health can be affect by the chemicals being added to your water you might be asking yourself, how can I correct my water? Home Water Purification is very beneficial for you, and your families health! There are many different water purification systems in the industry that can help correct your water but if you are looking for a quality water purification system, and one that will last you a LIFETIME Victory First Water has products that can help you and your family! In order to receive the purest water you can provide for your family you should invest in a Puronics Water Softer System, sold by Victory First Water. Puronics systems are considered the best water softener systems! They use NASA Technology called a SilverShield Hygene. The purpose of this technology is to inhibit bacteria growth within the filter media bed. The technology behind this was adapted from NASA's silver ion technology developed to purify water for the astronauts aboard the Space Shuttle Orbiters. There are a variety of reasons why you should invest in a Puronics System! For more information visit our Products Page.

Thirdly, you might ask yourself why should I waste my money on a product like this? I can buy a cheaper one from a local home improvement store! The answer is YES you can! But, there are dangers from store bought water softener, and purification systems. Your store bought water purification system is usually made out of some type of Plastic or BPA product. Purionc's systems are 100% Solid Stainless Steele which means it's safe and contains no harmful chemicals! This Solid Stainless Steele product will last you a lifetime! Products made out of BPA can cause health issues such as increased fat formation, risk of obesity, altered immune function, stimulation of prostate cancer cells, and hundreds of other health, and immune deficiencies. When your water softener, or purification system is sitting in the heat 365 days a year, these toxic plastic used to make the system leak into your water supply thus creating an even bigger problem for you and your family! So before you decided to buy a water softener, or any type of water purification system from your local store think about the plastics, and dangerous chemicals that were used to create the product and how they can affect your water!

Lastly, now that you're educated on Florida's drinking water, the dangerous chemicals in our drinking water, how drinking water can affect your health, Puronics systems, and generic systems you can make an educated decision on how you want to correct your water! If you would like to learn more information about Florida's drinking water and how our products can help you and your family sign up for our newsletter and mailing list found on the homepage of our website or Click Here


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