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What is the Hydrologic Cycle? | Why Puronics?

What is the Hydrologic Cycle? The Hydrologic Cycle is a natural cycle the earth uses to re-genearte water. This process is a 100% natural cycle that the earth has been using for billions and billions of years.

First, this cycle starts with water evaporating from the surface of the ocean. Next, the evaporated water will turn into rain, and snow. This rain water and snow will fall into rivers and streams, which will flow down into the earth starting a natural filtration process using rocks, and soil to purify your water. Finally, at the end of this process you should have clean, purified water infused with natural minerals! What's better than clean, pure, natural water! Unfortunately, we as humans did not treat our earth in an eco friendly manner and due to industrial development, and pollution this cycle fails. The water that evaporates during the beginning of this process is so polluted and contaminated with harmful chemicals and impurities the earth's soil, and rocks are not enough to filter them out. Industrial developments, and pollution has been hurting our earth for years, creating bigger problems for us as humans!

Municipal Water Treatment Plants have tried to correct this polluted water over the years for residents to drink. But once again unfortunately humans have failed at this as well. These Water Treatment Plants create an even bigger issue than the polluted water from the first stage. Treatment Plants add harmful chemicals to the water to prevent bacteria growth but in order to do this they need to add large amounts of chlorine and other extreme chemicals that are very harmful to our body.

Due to our Hydrological Process failing, and the harmful chemicals being added to our water supply by humans this causes us to buy bottled water and once again creating ANOTHER problem! Bottled Water is made of a plastic called BPA which is very harmful to us and our earth! Billions of dollars are spent ever year on bottled water! That's a lot of plastic! 80% of these bottles are thrown away by humans and not recycled causing our landfills to over flow, and our garbage to break down even slower.

Puronics has provided a solution to all of these issues created by humans you read about above! Since 1947, Puronics has been a leader in Water Treatment Technology filling the quality water needs of people, industry, and our environment. Water purification is very important for our health especially for pregnant woman and newborn babies, after all we are what we eat and drink! A Puronics whole house water condition system will do what nature intended to provide! Puronics systems uses a multi step filtration process, and an exclusive material made up of microscope silver particles which will inhibit the growth of bacteria protecting your water supply, and providing you quality water! This silver-ion technology is the same technology used on NASA'S space shuttle to provide purified water for our astronauts! Knowing that you have the same technology in your home as NASA does on their space shuttles should put your mind at ease.

Finally, you now know what the Hydrological Process is and how it has failed to work due to industrial development, and pollution. Unfortunately, us as humans have been polluting our earth for years, making it harder and harder for it to complete natural processes such as the Hydrological Process. We need to provide the best water we can for our families especially our children because we are what we drink! Drinking contaminated water can lead to different diseases, and a lowered immune system. Puronics can provide the quality water you are looking for! So before you drinking another glass of water from your tap ask yourself, how contaminated is this water? What chemicals have been added to it? If you would like to learn more about the quality of your water schedule your FREE Water Test Today! Click here to schedule your water test NOW!


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